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CCAPS Mapping Tool

About Our Aid Data

CCAPS aid data identifies where international aid has been deployed to address climate change vulnerability and build adaptive capacity in Africa. This map includes all types of aid for all donors in the Malawi Aid Management Platform, geocoded and climate-coded through a collaboration between CCAPS, AidData, and the Government of Malawi. Download the data here.

This map also contains World Bank projects across Africa approved from 2008 to 2012, climate-coded by CCAPS. Download the data here.

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CCAPS aid research seeks to better define and track aid for climate change adaptation.

Explore how aid dollars are allocated in Africa in the CCAPS Aid Dashboard here.

About Our Governance Data

CCAPS governance research investigates how national and local institutions affect the ability of a people and a state to respond to drivers of instability. Several sets of CCAPS governance case studies can be found on the governance research pages here.

This map includes CCAPS’ African Constitutional Design Database, which assesses the constitutional design of all African states on a scale of integration versus accommodation, as of January 1, 2011. Download the data here.

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CCAPS governance research focuses in three core areas: constitutional design and conflict management, democratic governance, and institutional capacity for natural disasters.

Learn more about CCAPS governance research here.

About Our Climate Vulnerability Data

CCAPS climate security vulnerability data provides information on four sources of vulnerability: physical exposure to climate-related hazards, population density, household and community resilience, and governance and political violence. Chronic climate security vulnerability is located where these four sources of vulnerability conjoin. View the data sources for the CCAPS climate security vulnerability model. The climate security vulnerability model includes ACLED conflict events; an alternative model without these events is shown here when the model is displayed with an overlay of ACLED events.

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CCAPS seeks to identify which parts of Africa are most vulnerable to climate change—and why—at the most detailed scale possible.

Learn more about CCAPS vulnerability research here.